40th Dynamics Days Europe Conference

August 24–28, 2020

By Daniele Avitabile

Event date: 8/24/2020 - 8/28/2020 Export event

We are pleased to invite you to the 40th Dynamics Days Europe 
Conference, which will be held in Nice, France, on the 24-28 August 2020
Dynamic Days Europe is a major international conferences providing a 
forum for developments in the applications of and theory for dynamics
The themes of the meetings include Physics, Biology, Theoretical 
Dynamical Systems, Complex Systems, and Numerical Methods. 

The list of plenary speakers include: 
* Sylvain Crovisier (Université Paris-Sud) 
* Bard Ermentrout (University of Pittsburgh) 
* Veronica Grieneisen (Cardiff University) 
* Björn Hof (IST Austria) 
* Chris Jones (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 
* Alejandro Maass (University of Chile) 
* Antonio Politi (University of Aberdeen) 
* Katharina Schratz (Heriot-Watt University) 
* Anna von der Heydt (Universiteit Utrecht) 
* Lai-Sang Young (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University) 

All information regarding the conference will be published on our website 

We are currently soliciting Minisymposia proposals (deadline on the 20th 
of December 2019), which can be submitted on our website, or by filling 
out this form 


We invite you to follow us on Twitter @dyndays_2020, and to use the 
hashtag #DDaysXL. 

Please disseminate this advert to potential participants. We look 
forward to hosting you in Nice! 

The organising committee: 
Daniele Avitabile, Stéphane Barland, Mathieu Desroches, François Gautero, Sergey Nazarenko, Elisabeth Pécou 



LocationNice, France
ConferenceDatesAugust 24–28, 2020

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