SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS19)

May 19–23, 2019


Event date: 5/19/2019 - 5/23/2019 Export event


The application of dynamical systems theory to areas outside of mathematics continues to be a vibrant, exciting and fruitful endeavor. These application areas are diverse and multidisciplinary, covering areas of applied science and engineering that include biology, chemistry, physics, finance, industrial mathematics and more. This conference strives to amass a blend of application-oriented material and the mathematics that informs and supports the discipline. The goals of the meeting are a cross-fertilization of ideas from different application areas, and increased communication between the mathematicians who develop dynamical systems techniques and the applied scientists who use them.

The scope of this conference encompasses theoretical, computational, and experimental research on dynamical systems.Highlighted areas include the dynamics of biological, chemical, physical, social, and financial systems along with applications in geophysics, fluid dynamics, materials science, engineering, and other applied sciences.

Organizing Committee Co-Chairs:
Mason A. Porter, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Elaine Spiller, Marquette University, USA



LocationSnowbird, Utah
ConferenceDatesMay 19–23, 2019

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