CAMTP - Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia, European Union

By Marko Robnik

CAMTP was founded by the founding director Professor Marko Robnik in 1990, when he returned to Slovenia from the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA. With the great moral and financial support of the Slovenian Government on the one hand, and the operational support by the Rector Professor Alojz Krizman at the time, the Center started its scientific research activities in September 1990. It became an independent research institution and legal entity in July 1991, but still academically part of the University of Maribor. Professor Marko Robnik is the director of the institute since the foundation.

Director of CAMTP: Prof. Marko Robnik.

The main purpose of the Center is to carry out research in theoretical physics and applied mathematics, mainly in nonlinear dynamics, and also to educate young researchers, PhD students, and also to organize scienfitic meetings, mainly international, but also elite national meetings with strong international participation. The Center is small by the number of members but nevertheless very active, at the moment (September 2012) it has nine members, from five countries.

left: University of Maribor         right: Central square in Mariborr

So far at CAMTP five PhD students of theoretical physics have successfully finished their PhD thesis work, among them 3 Slovenians, one from Greece and one from Brazil. Two more PhD students of physics are working at CAMTP towards earning the PhD degree, and one in mathematics.

One should emphasize the strong international conference activities of the Center, as it is organizing 2-3 international and high level or even world top level conferences per year. Since 1993 the Center has organized more than 42 scientific conferences and meetings, namely seven series of scientific meetings:

  • The international summer schools and conferences Let's Face Chaos through Nonlinear Dynamics They started them in 1993, and had 8 so far, every three years, in Maribor, with two working weeks, with about 80-100 participants each time. The last one was in 2011, the next one will be in 2014.
  • Japan-Slovenia Seminars on Nonlinear Science They meet almost every year in Maribor or in Japan, have typicallly 3 working days in Maribor, and twice three days in Japan, at various top universities, in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Typically about 40-50 participants. So far there were 13 meetings.
  • European Advanced Studies Conferences, organized in collaboration with Technical University of Munich, Germany, and the University of Patras, Greece, almost every year, with 3-4 working days. They had 8 so far. They take place at various places in Europe.
  • SOCRATES Workshops on nonlinear dynamics, so far they had five, twice in Marburg, Germany, twice in Maribor, Slovenia, and one in Freiburg, in Germany, each time about 30 participants for one week, typically.
  • Christmas Symposia on Physics, every year since 2002, so far 10 meetings, the next one will be in December of 2012. There are three working days and about 45 participants.
  • Computer Algebra and Scienfitic Computing, so far two meetings (2010 and 2012), about 45 participants each time and three to four working days.
  • 1st Out of the Box Conference, 15-17 May 2012, with the subtitle "Innovative Ways to Improve Culture of Living", with 30 invited speakers, including three Nobel Prize Laureates.

Note: Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems (NPCS), published in Minsk, Belarus, is an international interdiscplinary quarterly journal, founded in 1998, with two current Editors-in-Chief, Professors Viatcheslav I. Kuvshinov and Alexey L. Tolstik. The journal covers all interdisciplinary topics in nonlinear science, also physics and mathematics of complex systems, as its title indicates. The journal offers also a possibility to publish the proceedings of conferences in these research fields. So far proceedings have been published in honour of Professor Hermann Haken (2003) and Professor Siegfried Grossmann (2006/7), and many others.

Professor Dr. Marko Robnik CPhys FInstP
--- Director of CAMTP ---
Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
University of Maribor
Krekova 2
SI-2000 Maribor
Slovenia, European Union

Phone +(386) (2) 2355 350 and 2355 351
Fax +(386) (2) 2355 360
e-mail: [email protected]

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