Upcoming Contests for Software and Software Tutorials 2018-2019

By Erik A. Martens
The DSWeb Magazine announces two upcoming contests in 2018-2019: the first contest will be for software contributions and the second for software tutorials. We welcome software contributions and software tutorials that help mathematicians, scientists, engineers and other researchers in investigating deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems. Software tutorials may guide users to use software already listed on the DSWeb site, or other, new software, that will be linked on the web site. For both contests, three contributions will be awarded a prize of 500 USD per winner. The software contest winner will be announced during 2018, and the software tutorial contest winner will be announced at the next SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in 2019. 

For inspiration on the nature of software, you may check out the Software Section and the Tutorial Section. More detailed information on the two contests will follow in the upcoming issue of DSWeb Magazine in January. 

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