Recently Published Books in Dynamical Systems

By James D. Meiss
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Topological Methods for Differential Equations and Inclusions J.R. Graef, J. Henderson, and A. Ouahab CRC Press
Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamical Systems P. Olejnik, J. Awrejcewicz, and M. Fečkan World Scientific
Nonconventional Limit Theorems and Random Dynamics Y. Hafouta and Y. Kifer World Scientific
Dynamical and Complex Systems S. Bullett, T. Fearn, and F. Smith World Scientific
A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics W. M. Haddad Princeton Univ. Press
A Modern Introduction to Dynamical Systems R. Brown Oxford Univ. Press
Introduction to Symplectic Topology (3rd Edition) D. McDuff and D. Salamon Oxford Univ. Press
Discrete Dynamical Systems, Chaos Theory and Fractals L. Sundbye CreateSpace
Structurally Unstable Quadratic Vector Fields of Codimension One J. C. Artes, J. Llibre, and A. C. Rezende Springer
Admissibility and Hyperbolicity L. Barreiram, D. Dragičević, and C. Valls Springer
Geometrical Themes Inspired by the N-body Problem L. Hernández-Lamoneda, H. Herrera, and R. Herrera Springer
Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and the N-Body Problem (3rd Edition) K. Meyer and D. Offin Springer
Synchronization: From Coupled Systems to Complex Networks S. Boccaletti, A. N. Pisarchik, C. I. del Genio, and A. Amann Cambridge
Difference Equations: Theory, Applications and Advanced Topics (3rd Edition) R.E. Mickens CRC Press
Chemotaxis, Reaction, Network T. Suzuki World Scientific
Rigorous Numerics in Dynamics J. B. van den Berg, and J.-P. Lessard AMS
Ordinary Differential Equations: Applications, Models, and Computing C. Roberts CRC Press
Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Mathematica (2nd Edition) S. Lynch Springer
Integrability of Dynamical Systems: Algebra and Analysis X. Zhang Springer
Frontiers in Applied Dynamical Systems: Reviews and Tutorials M. Beck, H. Dijkstra, et al Springer
Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks I. Z. Kiss, J. C. Miller, and P. L. Simon Springer
Ergodic Theory of Expanding Thurston Maps Z. Li Springer
Evolution Equations: Long Time Behavior and Control K. Ammari and T. Gerbi Cambridge Univ. Press
Applications of Lie Groups to Difference Equations V. Dorodnitsyn CRC Press
Expanding Thurston Maps M. Bonk, and D. Meyer AMS
Discovering Discrete Dynamical System A. Johnson, K. Madden, and A. Sahin AMS
Bifurcation in Autonomous and Nonautonomous Differential Equations with Discontinuitiess M. Akhmet and A. Kashkynbayev Springer
Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems: A Tribute to Dmitry Victorovich Anosov A. Katok, Y. Pesin, and F. R. Hertz (eds) AMS
Forest Insect Population Dynamics, Outbreaks, And Global Warming Effects A. S. Isaev, V. G. Soukhovolsky, O. V. Tarasova, E. N. Palnikova, and A. V. Kovalev Wiley
Harnessing Bistable Structural Dynamics: For Vibration Control, Energy Harvesting and Sensing R. L. Harne and K.-W. Wang Wiley
Data Assimilation: Methods, Algorithms, and Applications M. Asch, M. Bocquet, and M. Nodet SIAM
43 Visions for Complexity S. Turner World Scientific

Differential Dynamical Systems, Revised Edition J. D. Meiss SIAM

Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory
D. Badziahin, A. Gorodnik, and N. Peyerimhoff (eds)
Chaotic Dynamics: Fractals, Tilings, and Substitutions G.R. Goodson Cambridge Univ. Press
Lyapunov Exponents of Linear Cocycles P. Duare and S. Klein Springer
Nonautonomous Linear Hamiltonian Systems: Oscillation, Spectral Theory and Control R. Johnson, R. Obaya, S. Novo, C. Nunez, and R. Fabbri Springer
Dynamical Systems on 2- and 3-Manifolds V. Z. Grines, T. V. Medvedev, and O. V. Pochinka Springer
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