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Data Assimilation, A Mathematical Introduction K. Law, A. Stuart, and K. Zygalakis Springer
Data Assimilation: Methods, Algorithms, and Applications M. Asch, M. Bocquet, M. Nodet SIAM

43 Visions for Complexity S. Turner World Scientific

Differential Dynamical Systems, Revised Edition J.D. Meiss SIAM

A Course in Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, Second Edition S.A. Wirkus, R.J. Swift, R. Szypowski Chapman and Hall

Barriers And Transport In Unsteady Flows: A Melnikov Approach S. Balasuriya SIAM

Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems J.N. Kutz, S.L. Brunton, B.W. Brunton, J.L. Proctor SIAM

A Guide to Temporal Networks N. Masuda and R. Lambiotte World Scientific

Lectures in Nonlinear Mechanics and Chaos Theory A.W. Stetz World Scientific

Problems and Solutions: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Fractals W.-H. Steeb World Scientific

The Parameterization Method for Invariant Manifolds A. Haro, M. Canadell, J.-L. Figueras, A. Luque, J.M. Mondelo Springer

Differentiable Dynamical Systems: An Introduction to Structural Stability and Hyperbolicity Lan Wen AMS

Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory C.H. Skiadas, C. Skiadas CRC Press

Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory
D. Badziahin, A. Gorodnik, N. Peyerimhoff (eds)
Extremes and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems V. Lucarini, D. Faranda, A. C. M. Freitas, J. M. Freitas, T. Kuna, M. Holland, M. Nicol, M. Todd, S. Vaienti Wiley 
Chaos Detection and Predictability
C. Skokos, G. Gottwald, J. Laskari (eds) Springer
Discrete Systems and Integrability
J. Hietarinta, N. Joshi, F. W. Nijhoff
Continuous and Discontinuous Piecewise-Smooth One-Dimensional Maps:Invariant Sets and Bifurcation Structures
V. Avrutin,L. Gardini, M. Schanz, I. Sushko, F. Tramontana
World Scientific
Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics
A. Pikovsky, A. Politi
Cambridge Univ. Press
Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics in Negative Curvature
C. S. Aravinda, F. T. Farrell, J.-F. Lafont (eds.)
Cambridge Univ. Press
Data Assimilation, A Mathematical Introduction
K. Law, A. Stuart, and K. Zygalakis
  Bifurcation without Parameters
S. Liebscher
Applications of Dynamical Systems in Biology and Medicine
T. Jackson and A. Radunskaya (editors)
Topological Dimension and Dynamical Systems (Universitext)
M. Coornaert
Fundamentals of Complex Networks: Models, Structures and Dynamics
G. Chen, X. Wang, and X. Li
An Exploration of Dynamical Systems and Chaos: 2nd Edition
J. Argyris, G. Faust, M. Haase, and R.Friedrich
Nonlinear Optical Systems
L. Lugiato, F. Prati, and M. Brambilla
Cambridge Univ. Press
Dynamic Systems: Modeling, Simulation, and Control, 1st Edition
C. A. Kluever
Applied Differential Equations: An Introduction
V. A. Dobrushkin
Chapman and Hall/CRC
Differential Equations: Theory, Technique and Practice, Second Edition
S. G. Krantz
Chapman and Hall/CRC
Toward Analytical Chaos in Nonlinear Systems
A. C. J. Luo Wiley
Ergodic Theory and Fractal Geometry
H. Furstenberg
Singularity Theory for Non-Twist KAM Tori
A. González-Enríquez, A. Haro, and R. de la Llave
Climate Modeling For Scientists And Engineers
J. B. Drake
From Newton to Boltzmann: Hard Spheres and Short-Range Potentials
I. Gallagher, L. Saint-Raymond, and B. Texier
Attractors for infinite-dimensional non-autonomous dynamical systems
A. Carvalho, J. Langa, and J. Robinson
Asymptotic Perturbation Theory of Waves
L. Ostrovsky
World Scientific
Blow-up for Higher-Order Parabolic, Hyperbolic, Dispersion and Schrodinger Equations
V. A. Galaktionov, E. L. Mitidieri, S. I. Pohozaev
Chapman & Hall/CRC
Propagation Dynamics on Complex Networks: Models, Methods and Stability Analysis
X. Fu, M.Small, G. Chen
Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra
F. Colonius and W. Kliemann
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