Winners of two SIAM Dynamical Systems prizes announced

2017 J.D. Crawford Prize and Jürgen Moser Lecture


2017 J.D. Crawford Prize

Established in 2000, the J.D. Crawford Prize is awarded to one individual for recent outstanding work on a topic in nonlinear science.

Martin Wechselberger, professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney, was the winner.  His research focuses on the application of nonlinear dynamical systems theory to problems drawn from physiology and life sciences.


Martin's home page:



2017 Jürgen Moser Lecture

Established in 2000, the Jürgen Moser Lecture is awarded to a person who has made distinguished contributions to nonlinear science.

Edward Ott, Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Maryland, was selected. He is most known for his studies of chaotic dynamical systems, and his research has spanned a wide range of related topics over a long and illustrious career.


Ed's home page:


Congratulations to both Ed and Martin!


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