Workshop on Critical Transitions in Complex Systems (CRITICS), Imperial College London

March 25–29, 2019


Event date: 3/25/2019 - 3/29/2019 Export event

Complex systems are ubiquitous in nature and society and are known to exhibit abrupt transitions in dynamical behaviour. These sudden changes are commonly referred to as critical transitions (or tipping points), and have been reported by applied scientists in various contexts. Topical examples include epileptic seizures, stock market collapses, earthquakes, and climate.

Of particular relevance are the identification of so-called early-warning signals that can be used to alert about abrupt disasters before their occurrence. Practical implications for the existence of such early-warning signals are potentially far-reaching, since they enable the development of better control strategies to avoid or diminish the effect of catastrophes. Due to increased computer power and capacity for data management, there is a rapidly increasing opportunity and expectation to understand and control complex systems.

Our workshop aims to capture the very recent developments in this rapidly developing field and to bring together some of the leading applied scientists and mathematicians currently shaping a theory for critical transitions in complex systems, with the aim to exchange ideas, promote inter-disciplinary research and develop international collaborations.

This workshop will mark the end of the EU Innovative Training Network CRITICS, a European research consortium that has trained 16 PhD students at ten institutions in seven European countries, see for more information. The meeting will also serve as the starting point of a broader international community continuing to address the mathematical challenges concerning critical transitions in complex systems and their early-warning signals.

Confirmed speakers include:
Peter Ashwin (University of Exeter)
Rudi Balling (University of Luxembourg)
Mikhael Chekroun (University of California - Los Angeles)
Alan Hastings (University of California - Davis)
Brian Hoskins (University of Reading/Imperial College London)
Anje Neutel (British Antarctic Survey)
Arkady Pikovsky (University of Potsdam)
Marten Scheffer (Wageningen University)
Ricard Sole (University Pompeu Fabra)
Andrew Stuart (California Institute of Technology)
Katja Taipalus (Suomen Pankki)
Dmitry Turaev (Imperial College London)
Geoffrey West (Santa Fe Institute)
Lai-Sang Young (New York University)

For more details about the workshop see

There is limited availability for contributed talks, for which titles and abstracts need to be submitted latest 1 March 2019 to There also will be an opportunity to present posters.

Scientific Committee:
Luonan Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Egbert van Nes (Wageningen University)
Jorge Gonçalves (University of Luxembourg)
Alan Hastings (University of California - Davis)
Hiroshi Kokubu (Kyoto University)
Jeroen Lamb (Imperial College London)
Tiago Pereira (University of Sao Paulo)
Martin Rasmussen (Imperial College London)

Local Organising Committee @ Imperial College London:
Sajjad Bakrani, Michael Hartl, Jeroen Lamb, Christian Pangerl, Martin Rasmussen, Christine Richley, and Kalle Timperi.



LocationImperial College London, UK
ConferenceDatesMarch 25–29, 2019

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