DSWeb Editorial Board Policy

Portal Editor-in-Chief and Magazine Section Chief Editor Positions

The terms of the DS Web Portal Editor(s)-in-Chief and Magazine Section Chief Editor(s) are for two years and begin on January 1 of even years. The SIAG/DS Secretary and the runner-up will both assume the roles of Co-Editor-in-Chief of DSWeb Magazine. 

It is strongly recommended that new Portal Editor(s)-in-Chief be self-selected from the current Magazine Section Chief Editor(s), with discussion with the current Portal Editor(s)-in-Chief, to ensure a smooth transition. If the current Magazine Section Chief Editor(s) are not available to serve as the next Portal Editor(s)-in-Chief, the current Portal Editor(s)-in-Chief should identify a current DSWeb Editorial Board member with significant experience to serve in this position.

About the Profession, Media Gallery, Software, Education, and Students Section Chief Editor Positions

Section Chief Editors (aside from the Magazine) in most cases should serve for no more than three two-year terms. Prior consultation between the Portal Editor-in-Chief and the editorial board on the appointment of new Chief Editors is strongly recommended.

Section Editor Positions

Section Editors, when such positions are deemed necessary, are appointed by the Section Chief Editors with approval by the Portal Editor-in-Chief.  Section Editors in general should serve for no more than three two-year terms.  Exceptions to this policy by the Section Chief Editors should serve an essential purpose for the section.

Criteria for Appointment

Candidates for appointment to the DSWeb Editorial Board should be knowledgeable and motivated people in the field of dynamical systems.  Editors must be efficient and responsible in handling the administrative duties that accompany an editorship and using the online portal system.

The DSWeb Portal Administrator should be informed of all new appointments so that appropriate permissions for the new editor can be set.

Section Editor Responsibilities (other than the Magazine)

Section Editors are responsible for actively maintaining and adding to the content of their sections. The content of each section should be regularly and routinely checked for new and/or edited content in need of review and approval. Each Section Editor is also responsible for maintaining a section editorial board, if desired, and the assigning of duties to the editors of their section as needed.

Magazine Section Editor Responsibilities

The Co-Editors-in-Chief of Dynamical Systems Magazine are responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the Magazine editorial board.
  2. Contacting the editors with a publication date and prompting them as needed.
  3. Coordinating articles for each issue.
  4. Delegating proofreading of the final versions of all articles.
  5. Coordinating with the DSWeb Portal Administrator to e-mail both the DSWeb preannouncement and the announcement to the DS Activity Group.
  6. Maintaining or delegating maintenance of the DSWeb social media accounts, which circulate both DSWeb content and other online content to its followers. 
  7. Moderating the DS Activity Group’s mailing list.
Book Review Editor — responsible for getting at least one book reviewed per issue, writing the Books in Brief article, and uploading all associated content to DSWeb.

Other editorial-board members — responsible for contributing to any aspects of Magazine production as seen fit, such as soliciting, uploading, and proofreading articles. 
NOTE: Each editor’s duties include all of the necessary editing and uploading to the portal of the articles that they oversee.

Editorial Board Meetings

A meeting of the DSWeb Editorial Board will be held every two years at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems.  This meeting provides an excellent opportunity to discuss issues and problems facing the portal and the dynamical-systems community. We strongly encourage editors, Activity Group officers, and friends of DSWeb to attend this meeting.

A representative from SIAM will attend the meeting and will assist the Portal Editor-in-Chief in planning.  The agenda of the meeting will depend on the state of the portal and the issues facing it at the time of the meeting. The Portal Administrator will distribute a DSWeb Usage and Membership Trend report to those in attendance. Following the meeting, the Portal Administrator will send an electronic version of this report to all members of the board, along with minutes of the meeting.


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