Amsterdam: Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance

By thota
The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) is a multi-disciplinary research group, started in October 1998, by a Pionier-grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). CeNDEF is located at the Department of Quantitative Economics, of the Faculty of Economics and Econometrics of the University of Amsterdam. CeNDEF consists of a group of senior researchers, post-doctoral research fellows and PhD students from various fields, including economic theory, finance, mathematics, physics, statistics, econometrics and psychology. The main field of research is nonlinear dynamics in economics and finance in a broad sense. Emphasis is given to behavioral economics and behavioral finance models. Research themes include evolutionary finance, endogenous fluctuations, heterogeneous interacting agents, bounded rationality, expectation formation and learning, evolutionary dynamics, bifurcations and chaos, nonlinear time series analysis and nonlinear prediction methods. The CeNDEF research program is a mixture of theoretical, empirical as well as experimental work using analytical as well as computational tools. CeNDEF work emphasizes bounded rationality models, where agents search for simple ``rules of thumb’’ that perform reasonably well.

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