Austin: Center for Nonlinear Dynamics

By dlepage
The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics have a variety of exciting experiments and theory projects that are currently being worked on. Experimental, numerical and theoritical analysis of very diversified fields that include solids, fluids, granular, low-temperature gas, chemical and biological systems. The Center employs a large number of graduate students as Research Assistants. Positions are available for interested and dedicated students.
An advantage of working in the center is a high level of interaction on many levels. For example, many people may be working on closely related projects. Projects may involve undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs and professors, and theory and experiment are often pursued in parallel. Results are discussed among the people involved in weekly project meetings. In addition, there is a weekly group meeting where a student presents his or her work-in-progress to the whole group in an informal seminar. The group also sponsors a more formal, weekly nonlinear dynamics seminar that brings in outside speakers.
The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics has been repeatedly recognized for high-quality work, and was ranked #1 by "U.S. News and World Report" in the specialty category of Nonlinear Dynamics/Chaos. The quality of the work is reflected by the large amount of publications that have been produced here.
The group includes six faculty members, five postdoctoral research associates, thirty three graduate students, and twelve undergraduates.

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