Carnegie Mellon: Center for Nonlinear Analysis

By thota
The Center for Nonlinear Analysis (CNA) is a major international resource in research and training in applied mathematics. The goal of the CNA is to identify and develop emerging applications of mathematical sciences, promoting collaboration between applied mathematicians and allied scientists. Main areas of research are nonlinear analysis, mechanics, scientific computation, and mathematical finance. The primary focus of this program is in materials, and increasingly in life sciences. A major effort is interfaces, multiscale, and nanoscale, in collaboration with materials science and physics colleagues. Additional topics include nonlinear material behavior, including the study of novel man-made materials such as shape memory alloys, magnetic and magnetostrictive materials, liquid crystals, and thin films, quantum dots, and phase transitions in general.

The CNA's activities include
-- a two-year postdoctoral training program
-- a visitors and seminar program
-- a research publications series
-- the organization of conferences and workshops
-- the organization of summer schools targeted at advanced PhD students and postdocs
-- a major internationalization program emphasizing the creation of collaborative research networks
-- the Undergraduate Mathematics Summer Institute, under the direction of William Williams and supported by grants from the NSF and NSA, directed especially toward underrepresented groups.

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