Graduate course on dynamical systems

Prize winner, Teaching DS Competition, 2013

By James P. Crutchfield
Graduate course on dynamical systems
Course materials for two-quarter (20 week) graduate course on dynamical systems. (Advanced undergraduates have successfully taken the course.) The courses integrate nonlinear dynamics (low- and high-dimensional systems), symbolic dynamics, information theory, and computation theory. The theme, though, is to show how dynamical systems has (radically) modified how we do science.

Two quarters (20 weeks) broken down into
i. Nonlinear dynamics: 5 weeks
ii. Symbolic dynamics: 2 weeks
iii. Information theory: 4 weeks
iv. Computation theory: 3 weeks
v. Computational mechanics: 7 weeks

Details of materials:
i. 40 1.5 hour lectures. Video/audio recorded and posted to course website/Youtube.
ii. All lecture slides (~1600) in PDF and with voiceover (on Youtube).
iii. All interactive labs, homeworks, and exams offered online (in browser) via customized version of SAGE (
iv. AY 2013-2014: Online course to be offered to graduate programs at all 10 UC campuses.
v. AY 2014-2015: Offer as MOOC.
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James P. Crutchfield
Complexity Sciences Center
Physics Department
University of California, Davis
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