Mathematica notebooks for Iterated Function Systems (IFS’s)

Honorable Mention, DSWeb Tutorials Contest

By Sebastian M. Marotta
Mathematica notebooks for Iterated Function Systems (IFS’s)

This is a set of five Mathematica notebooks to study Iterated Function Systems (IFS's). There is an Introduction, the Backward Iteration Algorithm, Affine transformations, Random Sequences and Conclusions.

In the introduction we explain the concept of an IFS. This notebook has hyperlinks to the other notebooks. The backward iteration algorithm notebook shows how to use IFS's to plot the Julia sets of complex functions. The notebook on affine transformations shows examples of IFS's using contractions. The notebook on random sequences shows that some random sequences can be studied using IFS's. We also show how to make the animations shown in the web page.

Author Institutional Affiliation
Sebastian M. Marotta
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Boston University
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Tutorial LevelBasic Tutorial
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