Nonlinear dynamics and Chaos: Lab Demonstrations

By Steven H. Strogatz
Nonlinear dynamics and Chaos: Lab Demonstrations

This 1994 video shows six laboratory demonstrations of chaos and nonlinear phenomena, intended for use in a first course on nonlinear dynamics. Steven Strogatz explains the principles being illustrated and why they are important.

The demonstrations are:
(1) A tabletop waterwheel that is an exact mechanical analog of the Lorenz equations, one of the most famous chaotic systems;
(2) A double pendulum, a paradigm of chaos in conservative systems;
(3) Airplane wing vibrations and aeroelastic instabilities, as exemplars of Hopf bifurcations;
(4) Self-sustained oscillations in a chemical reaction;
(5) Using synchronized chaos to send secret messages; and
(6) Composing musical variations with a chaotic mapping.

Strogatz is joined by his colleagues Howard Stone, John Dugundji, Irving Epstein, Kevin Cuomo, and Diana Dabby.
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Steven H. Strogatz
Department of Mathematics
Cornell University
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