Peixoto’s Structural Stability Theorem: The One-dimensional Version

By Aminur Rahman
Peixoto’s Structural Stability Theorem: The One-dimensional Version
This paper describing how Peixoto's Structural Stability Theorem could be incorporated into an undergraduate class.

Peixoto’s structural stability and density theorems represent milestones in the modern theory of dynamical systems and their applications. Despite the importance of these theorems, they are often treated rather superficially, if at all, in upper level undergraduate courses on dynamical systems or differential equations. This is mainly because of the depth and length of the proofs.

In this note/module, we formulate and prove the one-dimensional analogs of Peixoto’s theorems in an intuitive and fairly simple way using only concepts and results that for the most part should be familiar to upper level undergraduate students in the mathematical sciences or related fields. The intention is to provide students who may be interested in further study in dynamical systems with an accessible one-dimensional treatment of structural stability theory that should help make Peixoto’s theorems and their more recent generalizations easier to appreciate and understand.
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