Recurrence Plot Introduction

By Norbert Marwan
Recurrence Plot Introduction

Recurrence plots and related methods are successfully applied in modern nonlinear data analysis in various scientific disciplines. This tutorial presents an introduction in recurrence plots, its bi- and multivariate extensions and its quantification. Characteristic features of recurrence plots are described and a way how to interpret them. The list of current measures of complexity based on recurrence plots together with their meanings are presented. Moreover, the relations to other or similar methods are shown as well as available software for the creation and analysis of recurrence plots.

Highlights are a comprehensive bibliography about the basics and applications of recurrence analysis, and the "Recurrence Plot Of The Day", which is calculated from updated solar, climate, wheather, or physilogical data.

Author Institutional Affiliation
Norbert Marwan
Nonlinear Dynamics Group
University of Potsdam
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Tutorial LevelBasic Tutorial
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