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AnT 4.669

By Dr. Michael A. Schanz

AnT 4.669 is a software package for the simulation and analysis of dynamical systems.

The notion of a dynamical system was kept very general. Hence, with the implemented methods we are able to analyze time-discrete maps, recurrent time-discrete maps, ordinary, time-delay, functional and partial differential equations, and also stochastical systems, hybrid systems and external input data, which will be interpreted as a time series.

The package has a single-run mode and a scan-mode. During such a scan, the parameters of the dynamical system initial values as well as specific parameters of the methods can be varied. Hence, one can investigate bifurcation scenarios, determine the basins of attraction e.g. in the case of coexisting attractors and find optimal parameter settings for some specific investigation methods.

Already implemented are the following methods: computation of the Lyapunov-exponents, calculation of Poincare sections and return maps, period and spectral analysis, some general trajectory evaluations, singular value decomposition, determination of geometrical properties of attractive sets, determination of unstable orbits and some qualitative methods based on symbolic dynamics, like e.g. symbolic entropies.

The simulation package provides a graphical user interface. Each investigation method stores its results in corresponding data files, which can be visualized and evaluated by the user after the simulation has completed. Scan-runs can be distributed automatically among many machines, thus executing the simulations in parallel.

The simulation package can be easily extended by further modules. It has the possibility to link with external (open source) libraries.

KeywordsBifurcation analysis, Dynamics (phase diagrams), Other, Time series analysis, Visualization
  • Maps
  • ODEs
  • PDEs
  • DDEs
  • Time Series
  • Other
Software Type
  • Package
  • C++
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Windows
Free download of source from website: http://www.AnT4669.de/
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Categories: Software

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