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By Dr. Yuri Kuznetsov

CONTENT is a multi-platform interactive environment to study dynamical systems. It is designed to perform simulation, continuation, and normal form analysis of dynamical systems appearing in research and engineering. The current version supports bifurcation analysis of ODEs, iterated maps, and evolution PDEs in the unit interval.

CONTENT provides: on-line specification and updating of the dynamical systems (e.g., RHS); symbolic generation of derivatives of RHS; visualization of the solutions in multiple 2D and 3D graphic windows, as well as in the numerical form; PostScript hardcopy; storage, import and export of dynamical systems and computed curves in a platform-independent format; on-line hypertext help with figures.

CONTENT runs on SGI, Sun, HP, DEC Alpha, IBM RS-6000, and IBM PCs (both Windows and Linux).

KeywordsBifurcation analysis, Continuation, Visualization
  • Maps
  • ODEs
  • PDEs
Software Type
  • Package
  • C++
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Windows
Contact Person
References to Papers
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