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E&F Chaos

By Cees Diks

E&F Chaos is an easy-to-use and freely available software package for simulation of nonlinear dynamic models to investigate stability of steady states and the presence of periodic orbits and chaos by standard numerical simulation techniques such as time series, phase plots, bifurcation diagrams, Lyapunov exponent plots, basin boundary plots and graphical analysis.

The package contains many well-known nonlinear models, including applications in economics and finance, and is easy to use for non-specialists. New models and extensions or variations are easy to implement within the software package without the use of a compiler or other software.

KeywordsBifurcation analysis, Dynamics (phase diagrams), Other, Visualization
  • Maps
  • ODEs
Software Type
  • Package
  • Other
  • Windows
Open source (GPL), binaries and sources freely downloadable: http://cendef.uva.nl/software/ef-chaos/ef-chaos.html
Contact Person
Cees Diks, Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) (URL: www.fee.uva.nl/cendef), University of Amsterdam, email: [email protected]
References to Papers
C. Diks, C.H. Hommes, V. Panchenko and R. van der Weide (2008) E&F Chaos: a user friendly software package for nonlinear economic dynamics, Computational Economics 32, 221-244.
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