The Math of Patterns

Prize winner, Teaching DS Competition, 2013

By Yayoi Teramoto Kimura
The Math of Patterns
The goal of this project is to provide a series of multimedia web resources that can supplement a course in dynamical systems. Motivated through several courses at Princeton and Oxford universities based on dynamical systems, differential equations, biology, and neuroscience, I sought to create a visual guide to the mathematics of pattern formation.

The visual nature of the mathematics naturally lends itself to being understood with the help of short movies, animations, audio clips, and illustrations. It is my hope that the use of these materials can help students gain a stronger intuition for ideas like Turing (or diffusion-driven) instabilities, and to give students a historical and physical background for the mathematics.

This file describes the recommended use and organization of the materials available on the project's website.
Author Institutional Affiliation
Yayoi Teramoto Kimura
Tutorial LevelBasic Tutorial
Contest EntryYes

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