Red Sock Awards Awarded to Best Snowbird Posters


DSWeb congratulates all the recipients of the Red Sock Awards. Red Sock Awards are awarded to best posters by graduate students or postdocs at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems. Poster presentations are judged by the prize committee during both nights of the poster session. Usually four posters receive the honors, but due to excellent posters this year, there were five Red Sock Award Recipients. Jim Yorke presented all the awards which include a pair of red socks and a $100 monetary prize. In case you missed these wonderful posters, or if you want to remind yourself of their content, the awardees were gracious enough to share their posters with DSWeb. We also thank Ernest Barreto for sharing his pictures of the awards.

For links to SIAM News articles about this year's Snowbird conference, and other tidbits, go to the DS17 Twitter feed.

  • Genevieve Jay Brett (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Chaotic Advection in the Alboran Sea: Lagrangian Analysis of Transport Processes in and out of the Western Alboran Gyre

Full size poster

  • Stephanie Dodson (Brown University): Spectral Properties of Spiral Waves in the Karma Model

Full size poster

  • Ian McGahan (Utah State University): 28 Models Later: Modeling a Zombie Apocalypse with Real Data

Full size poster

  • Vicky Chuqiao Yang (Northwestern University): Dynamics of Political Elections: A "Satisficing" Model and Empirical Evidence

Full size poster

  • Isaac Yeaton (Virginia Tech): Stability Properties of Flying Snakes During Transient Glides

Full size poster

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