Invitation: Submission Open for SIAM DS25 Minitutorials

By Ryan Goh and Alexandria Volkening

The SIAM DS Organizing Committee is seeking proposals to organize minitutorials at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS25,, which will take place from May 11–15, 2025 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

A minitutorial is typically a 2-hour session to introduce an emerging method or highlight an active area or topic of wide interest. Minitutorials should be designed to reach a broad audience who are new to the subject matter. Proposals are encouraged for minitutorials on any topic related to dynamical-systems research, teaching, or mentoring. While we encourage minitutorial proposals on any topic, we particularly welcome proposals related to computer-assisted proofs, data-driven methods, equation learning and model selection, and topological data analysis; creative minitutorials that take the form of guided software tutorials or focus on wider themes such as connecting with industry, teaching data science and dynamics, or mentoring are also welcome. We welcome proposals from teams of organizers at any career stage.

Subjects of minitutorials at recent SIAM DS meetings have included patterns in nature, topological signal processing, modeling infectious disease, multiple time-scale dynamics, dynamic mode decomposition and Koopman analysis, stochastic dynamics, data assimilation, rigorous numerics in dynamics, and network dynamics. See: for the DS23 minitutorials, and for the DS19 minitutorials.

As in recent DS conferences, DS25 is expected to have two minitutorials, and each speaker (up to 3 speakers) in an accepted minitutorial will be eligible for free conference registration and a $500 travel allowance.

The deadline for proposal submission is July 1, 2024. Please submit applications here:

Please reach out to the SIAM DS OC Co-Chairs, Ryan Goh ([email protected]) and Alexandria Volkening ([email protected]) if you have questions about proposal ideas or content. Please email Richard Moore ([email protected]), SIAM Director of Programs and Services, if you have questions about logistics or funding.

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