2024 SIAM Fellows Class Includes a Dynamical Systems Expert

By Casey Diekman

Congratulations to the 2024 SIAM Fellows! We would especially like to acknowledge Peter Ashwin, who has extensive connections to the SIAM Dynamical Systems Activity Group.

Peter Ashwin, University of Exeter

Peter is a Professor of Mathematics and has been at the University of Exeter since 2000. He previously held other teaching and research positions in the UK (Surrey and Warwick), France (Nice), and Germany (Marburg). His main research interests are in bifurcation theory and nonlinear dynamical systems, especially synchronization problems, symmetric chaotic dynamics, nonautonomous systems, and spatially extended systems. He has worked on numerous applications, including climate, fluids, laser systems, neural systems, materials and electronic systems, and biophysical modeling. Peter is being recognized for contributions to dynamical systems and its application to mathematical biology and climate change.


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