New APS Fellows Include Dynamical-Systems Experts

DSWeb Congratulates the Class of 2016 APS Fellows


DSWeb congratulates the Class of 2016 APS Fellows!  Special congratulations to those who are part of the Topical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, which includes many applied mathematicians and members of SIAM. We also note that among the new APS fellows is Mason Porter, co-editor of DSWeb.  Congratulations, Mason!




Bertozzi, Andrea L.

University of California, Los Angeles

Citation: For seminal work on thin film fluid analysis and modeling, contributions to the understanding of vorticity and incompressible flow, experimentation on particle laden-free surface flow, and application of fluid models to biological and technological problems.



D'Souza, Raissa M.

University of California, Davis

Citation: For seminal contributions to the statistical physics of complex systems, including self-organization in jamming phenomena and cascades, abrupt percolation transitions, and interdependence in network systems.



Izrailev, Felix M.

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Citation: For elucidation of ideas of classical and quantum chaos and their broad applications to many-body physics.



McKeon, Beverley

California Institute of Technology

Citation: For experimental and theoretical contributions to advancing the understanding of wall turbulence and for elegant interdisciplinary approaches to modeling and flow manipulation.



Papageorgiou, Demetrios T.

Imperial College London

Citation: For important contributions in analyzing and computing nonlinear phenomena in interfacial flows, including jet breakup, core-annular flows and multilayer flows, in the presence of surfactants and electric fields, with industrial and everyday applications.



Porter, Mason

University of California, Los Angeles

Citation: For fundamental contributions to the development of new methods and applications in complex networks, including novel measures and techniques for the analysis of multilayer interconnected systems, and for work in nonlinear waves in granular crystals, optical media, and atomic Bose-Einstein condensates.



Rappel, Wouter-Jan

University of California, San Diego

Citation: For the innovative development and application of nonequilibrium physics methods to living and nonliving systems.



Selinger, Robin

Kent State University

Citation: For fundamental contributions in theory/simulation of morphology and microstructural evolution in materials, with applications in liquid crystals, nematic elastomers, lipid membranes, chiral symmetry breaking, and fracture/plasticity of crystalline solids, as well as for exceptional service and outreach.



Urbach, Jeffrey

Georgetown University

Citation: For pioneering experiments that illuminated the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of thin granular layers.




We have surely omitted (unintentionally) others who do work in dynamics and/or applied mathematicians, so please comment on this article with others to highlight.  The full list of 2016 APS fellows can be found on the APS website.






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