DSWeb Dynamical Systems Software aims to collect all available software on dynamical systems theory. This project was originally launched during the special year Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems, 1997/1998, at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. The information here includes functionality, platforms, languages, references, and contacts.

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Global Manifolds 1D

Computation of one-dimensional manifolds; module for DsTool.

Holistic discretisation of dynamical PDEs

Via this page you obtain the 1D spatial discretisation of a dynamical PDE using dynamical systems slow manifold theory.


HomMap is an AUTO driver for detection and continuation of homoclinic points and their bifurcations for maps.

iDMC 2.0.10

An integrated, user-friendly, open-source software program developed for the simulation and dynamical analysis of nonlinear models.

Insight Maker

Online program which supports model construction and simulation in the browser.

LAPM, CompartmentalSystems, bc-md

Runner-up - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest

The python packages CompartmentalSystems, LAPM and bgc-md for the analysis of compartmental dynamical systems.

LOCA (Library of Continuation Algorithms)

LOCA is a new software library for performing bifurcation analysis of large-scale applications. The source code has been available for download since April 19, 2002.


Simulation, continuation, and normal form analysis of dynamical systems.


MATLAB-based version of DESIR.


Computing manifolds of dynamical systems.

Multifractal estimation---maximum likelihood

Enter data into this web page, then the reported fractal properties are those of multiplicative multifractals that best look like your data.

Normal form of multiscale fast/slow SDEs and ODEs

Via this web page you obtain a normal form of any supplied stochastic differential equation (SDE), or deterministic, autonomous or non-autonomous, ODE, when the SDE has fast and slow modes.


Continuation of periodic orbits and their bifurcations in autonomous and forced delay-differential equations.


Matlab package for continuation and bifurcation of 2D elliptic problems.


Runner-up - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest

The software tool pde2path is a Matlab package for numerical continuation and bifurcation analysis of FEM based numerical discretizations for PDE systems on one-, two- or three-dimensional domains, possibly coupled with auxiliary constraint equations.


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