DSWeb Dynamical Systems Software aims to collect all available software on dynamical systems theory. This project was originally launched during the special year Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems, 1997/1998, at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. The information here includes functionality, platforms, languages, references, and contacts.

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Construct center manifolds of ODEs or DDEs

Via this web page you obtain a center manifold of your specified system of ordinary differential equations (ODE) or delay differential equations (DDE), when the ODE/DDE has fast and center modes.


Simulation, continuation, and normal form analysis of dynamical systems.

CRP Toolbox

The toolbox contains Matlab® routines for computing recurrence plots, cross/ joint recurrence plots and related problems (e.g. recurrence quantification).


A Matlab/Octave package for bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations.

DDLab (Discrete Dynamics Lab)

Tools for cellular automata, random boolean networks and multi-value discrete dynamical networks, for the study of complexity, emergent phenomena, neural networks and aspects of theoretical biology.


Application Package for investigation of differential equations systems.


Runner-up - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest

DifferentialEquations.jl is a metapackage for solving differential equations in the Julia programming language.


Exploring dynamical systems.

Dynamical Systems Toolbox

Matlab interface to AUTO. Extensive use of Matlab OOP technology linked to AUTO. Aimed towards the engineering community. All Matlab prodcuts can run with this toolbox, including Simulink.

Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple and Matlab

Companion software for textbooks "Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple" and "Dynamical Systems with Applications using Matlab".

DynamicalSystems.jl (Julia)

Prize Winner - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest, Undergraduate/Graduate Student Category

DynamicalSystems.jl is a software library for the exploration of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. It is written entirely in Julia, a new programming language with large potential.

Dynamics Solver

Dynamics Solver is intended to solve initial and boundary-value problems for continuous and discrete dynamical systems.

DynPac: A Dynamical Systems Package

Mathematica routines for integrating and plotting solutions of systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

E&F Chaos

E&F Chaos is developed to provide quick information about local and global dynamics and to aid formulating challenging research questions for further mathematical analysis.

EMBER (Emergent and Macroscopic Behaviour ExtRaction)

Runner-up - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest

A generalised analysis tool for numerical continuation and bifurcation analysis of stochastic systems or those without a closed form solution or macroscopic equation of state.


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