DSWeb Dynamical Systems Software aims to collect all available software on dynamical systems theory. This project was originally launched during the special year Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems, 1997/1998, at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. The information here includes functionality, platforms, languages, references, and contacts.

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Bifurcation analysis of periodic solutions of PDEs and large-scale ODE systems.


Educational and Research Animator/Simulator for Dynamical Systems.


PyDSTool is an integrated simulation, modeling and analysis package for dynamical systems. It also contains a library of classes for scientific computing that utilizes dynamical systems.


Rauto is a command line interface to AUTO.


Provides a flexible system modeler in both equation and GUI form.

Slow manifold of multiscale fast/slow SDEs or ODEs

Via this web page you obtain a slow manifold of any supplied stochastic differential equation (SDE), or deterministic, autonomous or non-autonomous, ODE, when the DEs have fast and slow modes.


One-dimensional strong (un)stable manifold computation; module for DsTool.


Standard Maps displays the dynamics of several "area preserving" mappings. It will also find periodic orbits, cantori, and stable and unstable manifolds of any (symmetric) periodic orbit.


Runner-up - DSWeb 2018 Software Contest

A tool to visualize complex networks in LaTeX.


Nonlinear Time Series Analysis.


Toolbox for Complex Systems: a compilation of innovative methods for modern nonlinear data analysis.


A software package for the computation and continuation of quasiperiodic invariant tori.

Visual Recurrence Analysis (VRA)

A software package for topological analysis, qualitative and quantitative assessment, and nonparametric prediction of nonlinear and chaotic time series.


Simulating and numerically solving dynamical systems.

XPP for iPad

Solve odes bvps etc on your iPad.


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