Winners of the DSWeb 2019 Contest Tutorials on Dynamical Systems Software

By Erik Andreas Martens

Prize RibbonBack in the July 2018 and January 2019 issues of DSWeb, we invited students and faculty to enter a new competition for tutorials on dynamical systems software. The goal of the contest was to promote the creation of novel and creative tutorials on software-based methods to analyze dynamical systems. Existing software in our large collection currently includes algorithms to examine the dynamic behavior of deterministic and stochastic ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, and maps along with bifurcation behavior, network interactions, time series, and much more.

The submission deadline was March 1, 2019, and the selection committee, consisting of Dwight Barkley (U. of Warwick, UK), David Barton (Bristol U., UK), Björn Sandstede (Brown U., USA), Sarah Hallerberg (Hamburg U. of Applied Sciences, DE), Harry Dankowicz (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), and Tim Sauer (George Mason U., USA) evaluated the submissions.

The winners of the DSWeb 2019 Contest Tutorials on Dynamical Systems Software are as follows:

Software tutorial package Lead author Category
SSMtool Sten Ponsioen Undergraduate/Graduate Student
PyDMD Marco Tezzele Postdoc/Junior Faculty
MatContM Hil Meijer et al. Senior Faculty/Professor

Software Contest Winners

Winning entries were selected based on factors including clarity and accuracy of information, ease of use, creativity, thoroughness of explanations. Quality of pedagogical examples, and appropriateness of language and examples for the intended audience.

Each winner received a prize of $500 and a SIAM-DS certificate.

All submissions have been published in the DSWeb Software section, including the runners-up and honorable mentions:  Stability and Bifurcation of Switched Dynamical System (SBSDS), Multi-Dimensional Bisection Method (MDBM), Brain Dynamics Toolbox, JuliaDynamics, Cell Mapping Algorithms in C++ (CMlib), and BarrierTool.

We thank all those who submitted new or updated software tutorials!

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