2018 Class SIAM Fellows with research related to Dynamical Systems

Special congratulations to the 2018 Fellows whose research is related to Dynamical Systems

By Anna Ghazaryan
2018 Class SIAM Fellows with research related to Dynamical Systems

DSWeb congratulates the whole 2018 SIAM Fellows Class. Special congratulations go to:


Todd James Arbogast
The University of Texas at Austin

For contributions to the numerical analysis of partial differential equations, multiscale analysis, and homogenization for flow through porous media.

Liliana Borcea
University of Michigan

For the mathematical and computational study of wave propagation and imaging in random media.

Luis Angel Caffarelli
The University of Texas at Austin

For seminal contributions in regularity theory of nonlinear partial differential equations, free boundary problems, fully nonlinear equations, and nonlocal diffusion.

Margot Gerritsen
Stanford University

For contributions to numerical methods for compositional and thermal fluid flow processes in porous media, ocean dynamics, and digital stewardship.

Alain Goriely
University of Oxford

For contributions to nonlinear elasticity and theories of biological growth.


Peter Kuchment

Texas A&M University

For landmark contributions to mathematical physics and inverse problems.

Madhav V. Marathe
Virginia Tech

For contributions to high performance computing algorithms and software systems for network science and public health epidemiology.

Juan M. Restrepo

Oregon State University

For contributions to the mathematical and computational modeling of the ocean and atmosphere.


John N. Shadid

Sandia National Laboratories and University of New Mexico

For contributions to solution methods for multiphysics systems, scalable parallel numerical algorithms, and numerical methods for strongly coupled nonlinear partial differential equations.

Arthur S. Sherman

National Institute of Health

Arthur Sherman has made fundamental discoveries using mathematics in physiology and has trained a generation of successful biomathematicians.

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