CODEE - Community of Ordinary Differential Equation Educators

By Bob Borrelli

The Community of Ordinary Differential Equations Educators (CODEE) seeks to improve the teaching and learning of ordinary differential equations. One way to do this is to increase student engagement and active learning is through the use of projects involving modeling and computer experiments. So CODEE, with the support of the National Science Foundation (1992 – 97 and 2008 – 2013), has constructed a digital library which supports this purpose ( The digital library contains the CODEE Journal which contains articles about the teaching and learning of ODEs, as well as classroom-ready projects, and reviews of other teaching materials. The CODEE web site also describes some software that supports the teaching and learning of ODEs, as well as archives of the newsletters and other materials produced during the first NSF grant. The ultimate goal of the digital library is to create a community for instructors to find, share, and discuss resources for teaching ordinary differential equations. To learn more about submitting a manuscript to the CODEE digital library, visit the Editorial Policy page of the CODEE web site.


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