Recently Published Books in Dynamical Systems

By James D. Meiss
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Dynamics Near the Subcritical Transition of the 3D Couette Flow II: Above Threshold Case J. Bedrossian, P. Germain, N. Masmoudi AMS
Groups and Topological Dynamics V. Nekrashevych AMS
Introduction to Differential Equations: Second Edition M.E. Taylor AMS
Frontiers in Entropy Across the Disciplines: Panorama of Entropy: Theory, Computation, and Applications W.Freeden, and M.Z. Nashed (eds) World Scientific
Chaotic DNA Dynamics A. M. Selvam World Scientific
Sharkovsky Ordering A.M. Blokh, O.M. Sharkovsky Springer
Rigid Body Dynamics: A Lagrangian Approach M. Yehia Birkhäuser
Multilayer Networks: Structure and Function G. Bianconi Oxford
Competition Theory in Ecology P. A. Abrams Oxford
The Nature of Complex Networks S.N. Dorogovtsev and J.F.F. Mendes Oxford
Difference Equations, Second Edition R.E. Mickens Chapman and Hall/CRC
Differential Equations Theory, Technique, and Practice S.G. Krantz Chapman and Hall/CRC
Mathematical Topics on Modelling Complex Systems: In Memory of Professor Valentin Afraimovich J. A. Tenreiro Machado, D. Volchenkov (eds) Springer
Elegant Circuits: Simple Chaotic Oscillators J.C. Sprott and W. J-C. Thio World Scientific
Fractal Analysis: Basic Concepts and Applications C. Cattani, A. Ben Mabrouk. and S. Arfaoui World Scientific
Numerical Continuation and Bifurcation in Nonlinear PDEs H. Uecker SIAM
Hybrid Dynamical Systems H. Lin and P.J. Antsaklis Springer
Kitchen Science Fractals: A Lab Manual for Fractal Geometry M. Frame and N. Neger World Scientific
Towards Analytical Chaotic Evolutions in Brusselators A.C.J. Luo and S. Guo Morgan & Claypool
Perspectives in Dynamical Systems III: Control and Stability (DSTA Lodz) J. Awrejcewicz (ed) Springer
Padé Methods for Painlevé Equations H. Nagao and Y. Yamada Springer
An Introduction to Complex Systems P. Fieguth Springer
Topological Dynamics and Topological Data Analysis R.L. Devaney, K.C. Chan, P.B. Vinod Kumar (eds) Springer
Handbook of Differential Equations (4th Ed) D. Zwillinger and V. Dobrushkin Routledge
Differential Equations: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Theory and Practice M. Viana and J.M. Espinar AMS
Hamilton-Jacobi Equations: Theory and Applications H.V. Tran AMS
Traveling Front Solutions in Reaction-Diffusion Equations M. Taniguchi World Scientific
Chaos and Nonlinear Psychology D.Schuldberg, R. Richards, and S. Guisinger Oxford
Dimension Groups and Dynamical Systems F. Durand and D. Perrin Cambridge
Attractors of Hamiltonian Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations A. Komech and E. Kopylova Cambridge
Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Waves in Plasmas S.Banerjee and A. Saha Routledge
When Things Grow Many: Complexity, Universality, and Emergence in Nature L. Schulman Oxford
Scaling Laws in Dynamical Systems E.D. Leonel Springer
Model Reduction of Complex Dynamical Systems P. Benner, T. Breiten, H. Fassbender, M. Hinze, T. Stykel, and R.Zimmermann Springer
Chaotic Maps: Dynamics, Fractals, and Rapid Fluctuations G. Chen and Y. Huang Morgan & Claypool
An Introduction to Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems and their Attractors P.E. Kloeden and M.Yang World Scientific
Biology in Time and Space: A Partial Differential Equation Modeling Approach J. Keener AMS
Attractor Dimension Estimates for Dynamical Systems: Theory and Computation:Dedicated to Gennady Leonov N. Kuznetsov, Nikolay and V. Reitmann Springer
Discovering Dynamical Systems Through Experiment and Inquiry T. LoFaro and J. Ford Routledge
A First Course in Ergodic Theory K. Dajani and C. Kalle Routledge
Nonlinear Systems and Their Remarkable Mathematical Structures N. Euler, M. C. Nucci, Eds. Routledge
Transition to Turbulence: A Dynamical System Approach to Receptivity T.K. Sengupta Cambridge
Rigid Body Kinematics J.A. Batlle, A.B.Condomines Cambridge
Equidistribution of Dynamical Systems: Time-Quantitative Second Law J. Beck World Scientific
PDE Dynamics: An introduction C. Kuehn SIAM
Continuum Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing: Godunov's Legacy G.V. Demidenko, E.Romenski, E. Toro, M. Dumbser (Eds.) Springer
Ergodic Dynamics J. Hawkins Springer
Density Evolution Under Delayed Dynamics J.Losson, M. Mackey, R.Taylor, M.Tyran-Kaminska Springer
Exploring ODES L.N. Trefethen, A.Birkisson, and T.A. Driscoll SIAM
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