The 2019 "Snowbird" Applied Dynamical Systems Conference is Imminent!

By Mason A. Porter and Elaine Spiller

The 2019 Conference on Applications of Applied Dynamical Systems (DS19) — i.e., the conference affectionately known as "the Snowbird conference" — is less than a month away. We are really looking forward to the conference, with its great lineup of invited speakers, its many minisymposia and contributed talks and posters, the awarding of the Moser Lecture and J.D. Crawford prizes to two of our community's best, and two exciting minitutorials: Evolutionary Dynamics and "Koopmania".

This year also brings many changes to the Snowbird conference:

  *   For the first time, minisymposium talks and contributed talks are of the same length — 20 minutes for a talk and 5 minutes for discussion — giving us 100-minute sessions. (See the snazzy graphic from Rich Moore.)

  *   The mentoring session invites all junior researchers (and in particular women, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ+ folks, and others who may not see natural role models among the more senior ranks).

  *   Unfortunately (well, subject to opinion), El Chanate is closed for renovations this year, so we'll have fewer dining options than usual. :/

  *   On the bright side, The Atrium will open for longer hours (from 7 am to 4 pm) to accommodate breakfast, lunch, and later grab-and-go hours.

  *   For those of you who don't want to see Snowbird end, you're in luck. DS19 will be co-located with the 2019 SIAM Workshop in Network Science (NS19).

  *   And, of course, the biggest change of all: DS21 will be in Portland, OR. But we're sure that we'll still be calling it "the Snowbird conference". Old habits die hard, and Snowbird will always be part of us. :)

Before signing off, we have a few more items to bring up:

  *   Please e-mail us (Mason and Elaine) if you want to join a google site to find others who are interested in sharing babysitting at DS19. (The rates are as follows: 1 Child for $24 per hour, 2–4 Children for $28 per hour. In each case, there is a minimum of 3 hours, arranged 48 hours in advance.)

  *   We are thrilled at the response to our fundraising initiative to support mentoring, diversity, and inclusion in the dynamical-systems community. If you've been meaning to contribute and it fell off of your radar, you still can! Go to our GoFundMe site to contribute.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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