The Fourth International Conferenceon Recent Advances in Applied Dynamical Systems

By Jinqiao Duan, Illinois Institute of Technology

The fourth International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Dynamical Systems was held at Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China. The topics included: Local and global bifurcation, computational and theoretical aspects of bifurcation and chaos in biology, economics, engineering, fluid dynamics, neural networks, physics and other nonlinear dynamical systems issues.

The four days of the conference consisted of about 40 talks, each 35 minutes long, and a dozen or so posters. The speakers are from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan as well as China.

This was my first visit to Zhejiang Normal University. The facilities and hospitality were excellent. Jibin Li, a well-known Chinese mathematician in dynamical systems, has built a strong research and education program in applied dynamical systems at Zhejiang Normal University. I am also very glad to notice that some graduate students in the program are becoming interested in stochastic dynamical systems.

The Organizing Committee was:
Chair: Jibin Li (Zhejiang Normal University and KUST, China)
Co-Chairs: Jianshe Yu (Guangzhou University, China), Maoan Han (Shanghai Normal University, China)
Kening Lu (Brigham Young University, USA)
Junping Shi (College of William and Mary, USA)
Todd Young (Ohio University, USA)
Xiaohua Zhao (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Zhangxin Wu (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Yi Zhang (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Xuejuan Zhang (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Yonghui Xia (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Fengjuan Chen (Zhejiang Normal University, China)

Financial support for the meeting was provided by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science Foundation of the United States, Zhejiang Innovation Project, and Zhejiang Normal University.


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